Provide Excellent Field Service on Location: Field Service Management

Drive integrity & efficiency of inspection processes on location and provide excellent field service with Field Service Management.

Customize Collectible Data - Form Designer

You can customize ready-to-go forms & kick-start your inspection processes with the Form Designer! Data collected during work processes are easily compartmentalized.

Harness the Workflow Builder

Use Workflow Builder to its full extend and gain advantage over competition in the field! You can customize task completion in line with your company needs and successfully run approval processes. Workflow Builder enables you to set up conditions on form fields and transform your workflow scenarios based on these conditions. You can run different assignment codes for different inspection processes.

AI Powered Anomaly Detection and Early Warning Alarms

Automatically detect every anomaly in data points gathered from inspection processes. For all parameters you follow: You can view changes over time with the help of AI and set alarms for possible setbacks.

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Multi-Platform Mobile Application

Cutting edge mobile application ensuring gamified intuitive user experience that works offline and online. With geofencing you’ll always be sure every task is completed at the right location.

Advanced Supervisor Functionality

Manage & monitor your field team’s tasks and performance in real time! Providing a multi-level hierarchy structure; direct supervisors and other supervising personnel can instantly update personnel tasks via mobile application.

Document Designer - Create Your Custom Certifications

Provide your customers with high quality certificates! You can design unique documents, pay attention to every detail and print via the app! Document Designer supports all popular document formats.

Fully Customizable Interactive Dashboards Using FieldAnalytics

“Inspection” starting templates will provide you interactive dashboards that will let you track all of your variables from compact dashboards. You can customize dashboards, set alarms for specific actions & automate emails to enhance your operation!

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