It’s Easy to Achieve Excellence in the Field with Field Service Management!

Manage all assets in the field to provide excellent service for your customers! With Fieldscope’s Field Service Management tool; every detail of production, maintenance and transportation processes are easily accessible and manageable.

Let AI do the work! FieldSense Optimization Suite creates well balanced plans for you!

Our powerful AI module can help create well balanced territories & drive productivity via assigning right maintenance teams to right territory. FieldSense Optimization Suite can automate your daily service plans, routine & instant tasks.

You Can Customize Collectible Data & Create Process Oriented Work Scenarios with Form Designer!

Improve your maintenance processes by creating custom work scenarios & forms with the intuitive and user-friendly interface of Form Designer.

Harness the Workflow Builder

Customize every little detail of your maintenance processes for all assets! With the Workflow Builder; you can create workflow assignments best suited to your operations and procedures. You can also include external companies that provide services allowing you to customize workflow builds to make sure expenses are calculated right.

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Detect Maintenance Process Anomalies with AI & Set Early Warning Alarms

Automatically detect abnormalities concerning your equipment with the help of AI. You can also let AI inspect your macro and/or micro scale data & set alarms for specific changes over time.

Multi-Platform Mobile Application

Cutting edge mobile application ensures a gamified intuitive user experience that works offline and online. With geofencing you’ll always be sure every task is completed on the right location.

Advanced Supervisor Functionality

Manage & monitor your field team’s tasks and performance in real time! Providing a multi-level hierarchy structure; direct supervisors and other higher-level personnel can instantly update personnel tasks via mobile application.

Document Designer - Create Your Custom Certifications

Streamline your process of creating documents & certifications with Document Designer! You can design and print documents to the smallest detail such as warranties/receipts for your maintenance service.

FieldAnalytics: Bolster Your Force in the Field with Fully Customizable Interactive Dashboards

Maintenance starting template will provide interactive dashboards that will let you track all of your variables from a compact location. You can customize dashboards, set alarms for specific actions & automate emails and enhance your operation!

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