Omni Channel Sales

Manage from a single-point, sell from all platforms including iOS, Android, B2B & Backoffice Web Applications!

Let AI do the hard work - FieldSense Optimization Suite will plan for you

Create & designate well balanced sales territories according to your criteria, e.g. turnover expectations. With the power of AI on your side; planning your sales territories & routes is easy with FieldSense!

Exhaustive Discount Management

Define high range of campaigns from uniform discounts to loyalty campaigns!

Financial Accounting System

Monitor & follow-up debt and credit of your customers, define customer credibility and manage order limitations!

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Harness the Workflow Builder

No matter how complex or detailed a customers’ order confirmation processes is, you can easily streamline your sales operation with Fieldscope’s Workflow Builder!

AI Powered Anomaly Detection and Sales Forecasting - FieldSense Data Analytics

Detect anomalies of your sales with the power of AI! With the rich capabilities of the FieldSense AI Module, you can also forecast upcoming sales and recommend the right product for the right customer.

Warehouse Monitoring

Take advantage of the omni-channel stock managing capabilities of Fieldscope! You can dedicate separate warehouses for each sales channel you have & manage your operation efficiently.

Online Payment System

Credit card payments can be completed with a simple click, online! We work with the most popular payment firms.

Multi-Platform Mobile Application

Cutting edge mobile application ensuring gamified intuitive user experience that works offline and online. With geofencing you’ll always be sure every task is completed the right location.

Fully customizable interactive dashboards using FieldAnalytics

“Sales” starting templates will provide interactive dashboards that will let you and your team keep track of multiple sale-oriented variables and KPI’s. You can customize dashboards, set alarms for specific actions & automate emails and enhance your operation!

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