Workflow Engine

Master Every Detail in the Field with Workflow Engine!

Define, manage and perform every detail in your operation! You can easily create new pages or forms to ask for input from the field and describe how everything should work using the Workflow Engine.

Kick-Start Your Field Operation With Ready-To-Use Applications!

Work smart with the applications designed to meet your operation’s requirements. You can do adjustments on nearly any aspect of them!

Streamline Management Processes to Drive Efficiency

Order approvals, HR procedures and/or new customer admissions are easy to handle with Fieldscope Workflow Engine. Complex or extremely detailed order confirmation processes are no match for Fieldscope!

Customize Task Completion in Line With Your Company Needs!

Design your approval scenarios in line with your requirements. You can run different assignment codes for different processes in your workflow.

Fieldscope can integrate with any area of your business.
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